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Celebrating 50 years

6 -9 MAY 2019    ///    NRG PARK    ///    HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA

Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Resources

We're so glad you've decided to join us at OTC 2019 as we celebrate our Golden Anniversary! This section is designed to help exhibitors through the planning process and has all the information you need to have a successful show. Use the drop downs below to gather important information, order services, and more. As the show approaches, more information will become available. 

Also, please be sure to note all dates that are relevant to your company by visiting our Important Dates page. 

If you can't find what you're looking for, please view the full Exhibitor Services Manual for additional information and order forms.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston! 

Plan Your Booth

Update Your Online Exhibitor Profile/Add Co-Exhibitors

Your exhibitor profile is an attendee's first impression of your company! Update your listing by logging in to the Exhibitor Portal with your company password. 

Once you are signed in, click "Edit Company Listing" to complete your listing. To preview your listing, find your company in the Exhibitor Search


Co-exhibitors can be added to a booth only if they are related to the main company exhibiting. This includes sister companies, parent companies/division, manufacturers/distributors, or joint ventures.

Please submit the Co-Exhibitor Notification form below. Within the form, you will be able to enter co-exhibitor information and select what type of program listing you wish for them to have. 


Print Your Invoice

Your invoice is accessible at any time through the Exhibitor Portal.  To log in, use your case sensitive company password provided to you on your Booth Confirmation letter. 

If you need password assistance, or your invoice requires special attention (i.e. stamp, signature, name or address revision), please email Exhibit Management. 

Booth Details and Requirements



Please Note: Failure to abide by these regulations can/will result in the loss of Priority Points.


NRG Center

  • Main aisles will be carpeted in black, while all other aisles will be carpeted in blue. All booths in the NRG Center are REQUIRED to have flooring that covers the entirety of the booth.  
  • 10x10 booths will be set with 8' high with alternating blue, white, and black back drape, 36" high blue side dividers, and a 7"x44" one-line identification sign.

NRG Arena

  • The perimeter will be carpeted in blue, with all other aisles carpeted in tuxedo. All booths in the NRG Arena are REQUIRED to have flooring that covers the entirety of the booth.  
  • 10x10 booths will be set with 8' high with alternating blue, white, and black back drape, 36" high blue side dividers, and a 7"x44" one-line identification sign.


  • Booth equipment is NOT included with outdoor space.
  • Outdoor booths are not required to have flooring.

View the Terms and Conditions for a full list of items included with the purchase of booth space.

PLEASE NOTE: Carpet, electricity, furniture, and trash cans are NOT included with your booth space purchase and should be ordered separately. Please see the drop downs below for order forms. 


OTC does require each exhibitor to have insurance, however, we do NOT require proof of insurance. 

If you will be hiring an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor to install and/or dismantle your booth, please see the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Details section below. 

Exhibitor Registration: Now Open

To set up, work, or tear down your booth, your exhibit staff must be registered for an exhibitor badge. 

Each exhibitor receives five complimentary Exhibitor Registrations per 100 square feet of booth space for the purpose of registering booth personnel. 

Register your booth staff today!

Guest Invites/Traffic Boost

Invite guests to OTC 2019 with TrafficBoost! Through this program, exhibitors can create customized email campaigns to invite customers and potential clients to attend OTC 2019.

There is no charge to send invitations, however, your company will be charged for each registered guest invitation under your company, even if the guest does not show up to the event.

Pricing is as follows:

Single Day Pass: USD 15
Multi-Day Pass: USD 50
Maximum Billable Amount: USD 3000

Arena and Parkway exhibitor ONLY receive ten (10) complimentary redeemed multi-day guest passes. For any redeemed guest passes over the complementary amount, your company will be billed at the normal rate of USD 50 per guest pass.


To access TrafficBoost, log in to the Exhibitor Portal and click on the “Housing and Registration” button.

For questions, please contact

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Details

An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is an Independent/3rd party contractor, other than Freeman or OTC Official Contractors, that have been hired by an exhibiting company to perform work or services for their booth. EAC's can include but are not limited to, booth builders, supervisors or designers, independent display companies, photographers, or technicians. 

Please familiarize yourself with the following documents:
OTC EAC Manual
OTC Rules and Regulations 
OTC Booth Specifications


PAPERWORK REQUIREMENTS HAVE CHANGED: The submission of an Intent to Hire a Contractor form is no longer required of exhibitors. Moving forward Show Management is ONLY requiring paperwork from EACs, which will be sent directly to them and is posted below. If you have any additional questions regarding this change, please contact Katy Watson. EAC Agreements are due 8 April 2019

EAC BADGES: EACs will no longer be receiving a separate badge link to register for badges. If an EAC needs access to the exhibit floor during show days (6 May - 9 May), exhibiting companies are responsible for registering the EAC personnel member under their allotted complimentary registrations. EACs will still receive a wristband each day for setup and tear down.


Please Note: Exhibitors will receive a notification confirming that the EAC has registered to perform work for them at the show. Exhibitors should contact Katy Watson if an error has been made.

View Move-In, Exhibit Hall, and Move-Out Hours


Tuesday, 30 April 0800 to 1700
Wednesday, 1 May 0800 to 1700
Thursday, 2 May 0800 to 1700
Friday, 3 May 0800 to 1700
Saturday, 4 May    0800 to 1700
Sunday, 5 May DARK DAY

Please Note: Sunday is DARK DAY and the exhibit floor will be closed to ALL exhibitors. No Exceptions


Monday, 6 May* 0900 to 1700
Tuesday, 7 May**    0900 to 1700
Wednesday, 8 May** 0900 to 1700
Thursday, 9 May** 0900 to 1400

*Exhibitors can enter the Exhibit Hall as early as 0700 hours on Monday, 6 May
**Exhibitors can enter the Exhibit Hall as early as 0800 hours Tuesday, 7 May - Thursday, 9 May


Thursday, 9 May 1400 to 2200
Friday, 10 May 0800 to 1800
Saturday, 11 May* 0800 to 1700
Sunday, 12 May** 0800 to 1700

*Arena and Outdoor Exhibits must be cleared by Saturday, 11 May
**Sunday move-out is for Center exhibits only


Target Move-In Map and Late Move-In

The Target Move-In Map tells you the earliest date you're allowed to move-in to your booth. You are not required to move-in by this date, but your booth must be fully installed by 1700 hours on Saturday, 4 May.

Don't forget, Sunday is DARK DAY and the exhibit floor will be closed to ALL exhibitors. No Exceptions.



If you will NOT begin set-up until Saturday, 4 May, you MUST notify Show Management via the Late Set-Up Notification form. 

Please be sure to pre-order any services you may need ahead of time in order to avoid delays on-site, such as furniture, electricity, and carpet. For exhibitors who do not notify show management of late arrival, and carpet has not been ordered, the exhibitor will be assumed a no-show and carpet will be forced at the exhibitor's expense.

POV Move-In

Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) are defined as cars, pick-up trucks, vans, small tow trailers, and other trucks less than 12 feet. If you will be delivering your booth items by way of POV, please refer to the document below that correlates with the area your booth is located. 


Banners and Logos

Download and use the OTC logo and your booth number in your advertisements and promotional materials to direct your audience to visit your booth at OTC. Be sure to review the OTC Logo Policy and the OTC Website Links Policy.

We encourage exhibitors and sponsors to use the appropriate event artwork to promote their participation in the conference. Download Web Banners below. 


Order Services

Catering Services

To order catering, please review the menu and visit the Aramark Website to order online. If you have trouble, please download the Aramark Online Ordering Guidelines. If you are a new user, please email Renee Surette for your User ID and Password.

Online Ordering Opens
14 FEBRUARY - Early Order Discount Deadline*
18 APRIL - All Catering Orders Due
19 APRIL - 10% Late Fee Applies to Orders
25 APRIL - Last Day to Make Changes to Order
4 MAY - Dry Stock Beverages in Booth/Stand, if needed
6 MAY - First Day of OTC, Deliveries Start at 7am
9 MAY - Last Day of OTC, Equipment Pick-Up Begins at 1pm

For orders received by 14 February 2019
20% off Standard Food and Beverage
25% off Brewed Coffee and Bottled Water
Excludes special orders, crowd pleasers, alcohol, or labor

Order Furniture, Carpet, or Electrical

To order services, download the order form and submit to the appropriate party listed on the form. 




Order Booth Cleaning or Parking Permits

To order services, download the order form and submit to the appropriate party listed on the form. 



Order Lead Retrieval

Capture valuable leads at OTC 2019 by utilizing a Lead Retrieval system. To order, download the order form and submit to the appropriate party listed on the form. 


  • "For 50 years, OTC has encouraged scientists and engineers to develop innovative technologies that have unleashed the potential of offshore energy sources needed for global growth and progress."
    —Patrick Pouyanné
    Chairman and CEO, Total
  • "We can never forget that its companies like the 2018 Spotlight Award winners that are driving the technological advancements necessary to propel our industry for the next 50 years."
    —Paul Jones
    Spotlight Award Committee Chair