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6 -9 MAY 2019    ///    NRG PARK    ///    HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA

Going the Distance: Subsea Electrical and Production Systems


Going the Distance: Subsea Electrical and Production Systems

Wednesday, 8 May
Session Chairperson
Donald Underwood, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Dril-Quip Inc
Stuart Scott, Petroleum Etc
Capital constraints are driving new and innovative development approaches for offshore and deepwater. Maximizing use of existing offshore infrastructure has been found to be valuable for lowering costs. This has shifted even multi-well developments subsea driving stepping-out distances to new levels. Today, multiphase pumping is considered to boost production beyond natural flow, adding both production and reserves. To go the distance, delivery of electrical power is becoming a key consideration for boosting as well as all electric technologies for trees and manifolds. Production systems face tough flow assurance decisions as high-capital flow assurance methods give way to lower CAPEX/higher OPEX methods. This session is comprised of key technology developments aimed at going to even greater distances subsea.
  • 1400-1422 29356 A New All Electric Subsea Control System Development
    C. Monteverde, M. Novello, Saipem; K. Kristiansen, Siemens A.S.
  • 1422-1444 29550 ABB Subsea Power JIP - Going the distance
    S. Vatland, ABB Oil & Gas & GCI; S. Ingebrigtsen, ABB; J. Pretlove, ABB AS; H. Nesheim, F. Kusznir, ABB
  • 1444-1506 29472 Safety Capability of an All-Electric Production System
    C. Mahler, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company; M. Glaser, S. Schoch, Aalen University; S. Marx, S. Schlünß, SubCtech GmbH; T. Winter, J. Popp, Aalen University; S. Imle, Wittenstein Motion Control GmbH
  • 1506-1528 29462 Innovative Field Development Scheme based on Saipem’s ETH PiP and Relevant Subsea Power Feeding System
    G. Arcangeletti, F. Bacati, A. Radicioni, B. Breuskin, S. Jacquet, A. D'Amico, E. La Sorda, Saipem
  • 1528-1550 29656 Shallow Water Testing of 9 - 12 MVA Variable Speed Drive for Subsea Installation
    H. Lendenmann, T. Laneryd, E. Virtanen, R. Cagienard, T. Wagner, K. Missing, ABB
  • 1550-1612 29412 Novel HVDC Power Transmission Architectures For Subsea Grid
    A. Ray, K. Rajashekara, H.S. Krishnamoorthy, University of Houston
  • 1612-1632 29328 New Pressure Sensor Technology in the Offshore Industry
    D.A. Andrew, Emerson Automation Solutions

  • "For 50 years, OTC has encouraged scientists and engineers to develop innovative technologies that have unleashed the potential of offshore energy sources needed for global growth and progress."
    —Patrick Pouyanné
    Chairman and CEO, Total
  • "We can never forget that its companies like the 2018 Spotlight Award winners that are driving the technological advancements necessary to propel our industry for the next 50 years."
    —Paul Jones
    Spotlight Award Committee Chair