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Celebrating 50 years

6 -9 MAY 2019    ///    NRG PARK    ///    HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA

Invited Organization: Society for Underwater Technology in the US (SUT-US)


Invited Organization: Society for Underwater Technology in the US (SUT-US)

Wednesday, 8 May
Technical , Marine Renewable
Session Chairperson
Zenon Medina-Cetina, Chair and President, Society for Underwater Technology (SUT-US)
Kimberly Faulk, Chair, Offshore Site Characterization and Geotechnics Committee (OSIG) of SUT-US
The Society for Underwater Technology in the US presents a technical session reflecting the breadth of multi-disciplinary specialties found across its technical committees, including Offshore Site Characterization and Geotechnics (OSIG), Subsea Engineering and Operations (SEO), Environmental Forces (GEF), Robotics and Automation (RA), and Offshore Renewables (OR). Papers in this session will cover the latest topics in research and applications in underwater technology, from probabilistic stratigraphy integration (geology, geotechnical, geophysical and geomeatics), installation of foundations systems, response of monopiles foundations for windfarms, probabilistic pipeline routing, a review of energy conservation and the design of floating renewables, to a multi-institutional state of the art review on AUVs.
  • 1400-1422 29674 Bayesian Stratigraphy Integration of Geophysical, Geological, and Geotechnical Surveys Data
    Z. Medina-Cetina, J. Son, M. Moradi, Texas A&M University
  • 1422-1444 29671 An Ideation and Roadmapping Workshop on the Development of AUVs for Oil & Gas Subsea Applications
    F.H. Gorbhel, S. Kapusta, Rice University; J. Allen, Society for Underwater Technology
  • 1444-1506 29668 Assessing the Pile Driving Risk due to the Presence of Boulders
    R. Stevens, Z. Westgate, Fugro USA Marine, Inc.; J. Kocijan, Fugro USA Land, Inc.
  • 1506-1528 29673 Behavior of Laterally Loaded Offshore Wind Monopiles in Sands
    R.B. Gilbert, Y. Huang, K.H. Stokoe, The University of Texas at Austin; S. Wang, Ensoft; J. Munson, J. Bauer, R. Hosseini, A. Hussien, The University of Texas at Austin; H. Fadaifard, Ensoft; D. O’Connel, BOEM
  • 1528-1550 29669 The Effect of Bayesian Updating in the Hazard Assessment of Submarine Landslides
    R. Das, P.Y. Varela, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.; Z. Medina-Cetina, Texas A&M University
  • 1550-1612 29672 An Overview and Awareness Briefing for Offshore Renewable Energy, Wind, Wave, Flow, Hydrokinetic and Thermal Convertors
    R.S. Osborne, Ocean Flow Intl
  • 1612-1632 29670 Design of a Floating Multi-Source Offshore Renewable Energy Platform
    R. Robinson, G. Engelmann, Excipio Energy

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